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Archangel Michael Hospice

Ayias Marina 1, 8290 Mesa Chorio, Pafos, Cyprus. PHONE: 99 494140 – FAX: 26600978
E-mail: mona@archangel-michael-hospice.com

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Admission Policy

The Archangel Michael Hospice offers free hospice and palliative care to all in need regardless of their religious belief (or no belief), nationality or the nature of the illness.

Palliative Care patients are normally referred via their doctor/oncologist in the terminal stages of their illness and after all medical treatments have proved ineffectual. Palliative care is not a treatment, rather a way of controlling the pain and discomfort at the end of life so the patient may die peacefully and with dignity (in such cases the hospice operates a Non Resuscitation Policy). As well as medical referral, families with a member in this condition can also apply for admission.

In the case of Respite Care referral can come from doctors, nurses, social workers and families, there is even a case for self referral when it is felt a carer needs relief from the stress of caring for a patient over a long period of time. Respite Care as its name implies gives families/carers respite from the strains of looking after a person who is in need of 24/7 care. It is normally of a short duration allowing the carers time to recuperate or even take a holiday. It can also help the patient who will benefit from the professional care and resources we offer.

Although Archangel Michael Hospice offers palliative and respite care to those in need it is not a rest or care home and therefore patients stays are of a limited duration in common with the general hospice movement. This time limitation allows our service to benefit the community as a whole. Patients being admitted for respite or palliative care are admitted on the understanding that the duration of their stay is limited to nominally FOURTEEN (14) DAYS only (being extended at our discretion if the patient is near death). After this period the patient or referrer/carer(s) of the patient has the sole responsibility to place the patient in alternative accommodation.

Admission is only made on the acceptance of this limitation by the patient or their carer(s).