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Archangel Michael Hospice

Ayias Marina 1, 8290 Mesa Chorio, Pafos, Cyprus. PHONE: 99 494140 – FAX: 26600978
E-mail: mona@archangel-michael-hospice.com

©2016 Archangel Michael Hospice

Welcome to the Archangel Michael Hospice

“Adding life to days, when days can no longer be added to life”

We are situated overlooking the Mediterranean in the tranquil village of Mesa Chorio, a village situated on the outskirts of Paphos. It is a situation ideally suited to provide the care we offer.

Our state of the art Hospice has nine spacious bedrooms and offers palliative and respite care to all those in need, regardless of nationality, race, religion or the nature of the illness. It is the only facility on the Island specifically designed to offer palliative care to children.

With a focus on the person, rather than the disease. We are inclusive of the family, instead of just the individual emphasising the quality of life, rather than its duration.

Our care allows terminally ill patients and their families to experience the end of life together, in the comfort and security of home or a home-like setting.

Our funding comes via our shops, our registered charity The St. Michael Hospice Charity (no 3270) and our UK based charity, which qualifies for UK gift aid.We also get support from many in the community who organise fundraising events on our behalf.

The hospice is staffed by fully qualified and registered nurses supported by a team of trained volunteers.

All of our doctors are providing their expertise free of charge to support the hospice.

The hospice works closely with other similar organisations, for example Cancer charities, to ensure continuity of care between the hospice and home.

Please help us to continue by supporting us in our mission “Adding life to days, when days can no longer be added to life”