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Archangel Michael Hospice

Ayias Marina 1, 8290 Mesa Chorio, Pafos, Cyprus. PHONE: 99 494140 – FAX: 26600978
E-mail: mona@archangel-michael-hospice.com

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Why We Are Needed

The need for Hospice and Palliation in Cyprus

Whilst the majority of information available is for Cancer care, the need is as great for people with other life limiting illness such as motor neuron disease, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis etc, where statistics are limited.

The Cyprus Ministry of Health published their vision in November 2009 by publishing the “National Strategy for cancer Control in Cyprus” (ISBN: 978-35-001-8)

The Targets set were:

To fully develop the provision of Palliative care service on an organised basis of non-governmental stakeholders. (Archangel Michael Hospice is a NGO)

Developing the Community nursing services to include cancer patients on a pan-cyprian scale.

Having specialised personnel and setting up palliative centres such as the Archangel Michael Hospice.

Establishing infrastructures, indicators and protocols regulating cancer patient’s reintegration.

All of the above targets complement our vision and mission, though we will accept patients with other life limiting diagnoses.

The scale of the problem

According to the report, in 2004: 1,697 new cancer occurrences’ in adults were recorded. According to the data, during 2001-2003 cancer was diagnosed in 123 children. Cancer occurrences in children represented 2.4% of the total occurrences. Cyprus reflects the European reality.

However the report highlighted that in children, Cancer cells multiply more rapidly so early intervention is essential; sadly no dedicated Children’s Hospice beds were available in Cyprus until our opening. The Archangel Michael Hospice, created two rooms designed specifically for Children in a dedicated area of the facility.

Archangel Michael Hospice offers care for all people, regardless of age, the nature of the illness, religious belief or indeed no belief.

Other facilities in Cyprus

Arodafnousa hospice Nicosia (Cancer patients only) Nicosia – 15 Beds

Friends for Life Hospice Limasol – 2 beds

Friends Hospice Paphos, (at the St George’s Polyclinic) – 6 bedrooms.

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